Reputable, Knowledgeable and Supportive


If you’re interested in my qualifications in marketing and psychology, or my work experience over the past 20 years, you can read my full story here or visit my LinkedIn.


If you need some peace of mind, my client reviews should give you confidence in my expertise.



If you’d like to know about my coaching style, I can assure you that I will very quickly understand your business and situation, and I will help you see just how great your business could look to the outside world.  I am an experienced marketer and will teach you everything you need to know, in straightforward terms, so that you can leverage that knowledge for your own business.

I’m patient, encouraging, unpatronising and always professional – and I love what I do.  But most importantly…


I know what works.


At many points over the past 20 years, I’ve either been where you are now or have worked with other business owners or professionals who have been in similar situations to you – and I’ve helped them grow their businesses and move towards their personal work-life goals.  When it comes to marketing, I know what works, and what doesn’t.

If you’re ready to launch or grow your business and need expert advice from a knowledgeable, reputable and motivational marketing coach, I can help.

  • If you’re a business owner or freelancer, I can help you overcome the challenges that can come from working for yourself, and show you how to navigate the many marketing strategies and tactics to help you increase your income and grow your business.
  • If you’re a Director in need of a sounding board or strategic advice on your competitive positioning, diversification, product launch, lead generation, inbound marketing activities, marketing recruitment or exit strategy, I can provide the expertise to help you make confident decisions.
  • If you want to improve your writing for business or for the web, I can give you practical guidance and tested techniques from 20 years as a copywriter, which you can put into effect straight away.
  • If you’ve lost your way in your business, I can show you how to rekindle your interest for what you do, finding new ways of working to help you find enjoyment and balance.
  • If you need a change and you’re not sure what to do next, I work with an excellent careers coach who can help.

Make 2017 Your Year

If you’re ready to make 2017 the year for achieving your business goals, please contact me for an informal, confidential chat.