Marketing Strategy

for the Built Environment


The marketing landscape has never been more complex.  You’re not alone if the vast choice of channels and platforms, tactics, strategies and tools feels overwhelming (it even confuses a few marketers).


From content strategy, email marketing and social media to online advertising, SEO web content, videos, webinars, newsletters and client stories, it’s tempting to do it all in the hope that something sticks (or do absolutely nothing out of sheer panic).


Content Strategy for the Greatest Return


Every marketing channel requires a different approach, just as your email campaigns and press releases will require different content to your website, blogs, PPC ads and social feeds.  I’ll get to know your business and audience fast, delving into the data to create a hard-hitting digital strategy to build your business.

By scheduling clever, targeted and optimised content for every platform and customer or stakeholder profile, I’ll help you to build your brand online and drive more people to your website, event, app or social profile for more shares, clicks, enquiries and sales.

If you need help motivating your staff or convincing your stakeholders, I’ll show you how to communicate with each audience effectively for buy-in, retention and output.


Marketing Support

How much support do you need?


  1. Most clients employ me on retainer or interim management basis to form their communications or content marketing strategy and manage their marketing on an ongoing basis, just as their own in-house marketers would, however each support package is designed around their business.
  2. For some, I support their teams with content creation, copywriting and SEO. I write all the words so you don’t have to.
  3. For others, I work as their Marketing Manager, Lead or Strategist, handling everything from brand growth plans and content strategy to analytics, PR campaigns, staff communications, events, advertising and editorial planning.
  4. Alternatively, if you want to manage your own marketing but need direction, ideas, problem solving and strategic advice, coaching support may be a better option.

It’s up to you.  What does your business need most?

Let’s chat.